Promotional SMS: Everything You Need to Know

Promotional SMS

The most practical method for having immediate, easy-to-understand, and useful client communication is a short message service or SMS. It produces excellent results as well, according to various research, SMS triggers have response rates of 45% and open rates of at least 98%. It surpasses the results provided by any other marketing channel. Take a deeper look. The two most common types of company SMS are promotional SMS and transactional SMS. 

Let’s explore them in the context of how you might use them most effectively in your company. This article strives to be a comprehensive guide that explains 

What is Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS functions as a polite message from a corporation or business informing you of their current offers, discounts, or new products. They use it to inform you of wonderful deals so you may shop and save money. These SMS, which function something like electronic flyers or announcements to keep you informed of exciting things happening with that business, may arrive on your phone. Businesses utilize promotional SMS to keep you informed and ensure you don’t miss out on excellent deals, much like a buddy would do for you.

Promotional SMS is used by almost every sectors including retail, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, travel, entertainment, and more world wide. They this method to reach their target audience, send deals and discounts and also for customer engagement.

What is the Difference Between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS?

SMS for promotions and SMS for transactions have different uses. Designed for marketing and promotional purposes, promotional SMS frequently include offers, discounts, or announcements that are delivered at an extensive demographic. They need opt-in consent, are time-bound, therefore are subject to limitations.

On the other hand, transactional SMS support crucial, time-sensitive communication between businesses and clients. They consist of account notifications, order confirmations, as well as rescheduled appointment notifications. Important information reaches receivers quickly as a result of the fact that these messages are often sent 24/7 and do not require opt-in.

Benefits of Promotional SMS Messages

1. Building Loyal Customers

Promotional texts are a fantastic way to connect with and cultivate a foundation of devoted clients. Customers may receive discounts or other details about the services your company provides. Making your clientele and customer base the center of attention does this to make them feel valued. More of what you give will come back to you.

2. Improving Communication

Effective connection between customers and businesses may be made possible by promotional SMS. Companies can continue to keep their clients informed about what is occurring through providing periodic updates and details regarding promotions in an appropriate time frame. It might encourage repeat business from clients as well as promote loyalty among consumers.

3. Cost-Effective

Comparing promotional SMS marketing to traditional marketing, it is a more affordable promotional communication strategy. Your business’s operating budget for marketing will be significantly decreased. Most public and private businesses save their expenditures daily through distributing marketing SMS instead of mail or brochures, which is always wonderful for the environment.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

Businesses are able to increase brand awareness by often introducing clients to the brand through promotional SMS texts. When clients need the products or services that the organization offers, top-of-mind awareness becomes stronger because to ongoing promotional activities as well as captivating content.

5. Generating Word Of Mouth

Customers could possibly be persuaded to tell their friends and family about deals and promotions with engaging and appealing promotional SMS messages. Word-of-mouth advertising is effective and economical due to the fact that it uses current clients to draw in prospective customers. When recipients value the offerings, they are much more likely to tell others about them, extending the campaign’s reach.

6. Time Saves Money

Business owners save time and money by using promotional SMS messages since they are simple to produce and send. Businesses may plan campaigns ahead in advance with automated SMS platforms, enabling them to automatically contact those in their target demographic at the ideal moment. With increased production as well as reduced costs, marketing teams benefit from this efficiency.

7. Cost-Effective Marketing Channel

Because it is inexpensive and has a big impact, promotional SMS has a high return on investment. Business overhead costs are reduced since, unlike traditional advertising, SMS marketing only costs for the messages sent. 

Businesses may continuously enhance their tactics, maximizing the value of each SMS while additionally rendering it a cost-effective marketing channel thanks to the ability to target specific demographics as well as track campaign results.

8. Wider Reach and Accessibility

Since practically all mobile devices can receive text messages, SMS messages can reach a large audience. Businesses can interact with clients who might not have access to other digital channels or have spotty internet connectivity thanks to this accessibility. 

As a result, SMS develops into an inclusive marketing tool that broadens the audience for advertisements.


Businesses can effectively engage clients through the use of promotional SMS, a potent marketing technique. It is clear that promotional SMS offers a number of advantages after looking at samples from different promotional SMS campaigns as well as contrasting them to transactional SMS. 

Promotional SMS have proven to be a versatile, accessible, and economically viable marketing medium for a variety of purposes, such as nurturing devoted clients, enhancing communication, as well as boosting brand awareness and word-of-mouth. For powerful and seamless promotional SMS campaigns, think about using MSG22.


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