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Reach a large audience quickly with MSG22 bulk SMS services. Our services are fast and target your customer base according to your requirements.
No more manual outreach!
You can save on labour costs and time by automating your communication with your large base of customers. No more manual outreach; just promote your products or services to anyone you want. MSG22 is known for being one of the best bulk SMS service providers in India.


By using the MSG22 transactional SMS service, you can simply automate your messages to customers for purposes such as order confirmation, delivery notifications, OTP verification, bank alerts, appointment reminders, etc. SMS 22 makes transactional SMS services the safest way to communicate.


promote their products or services to a large audience. The purpose of promotional SMS is to generate interest and awareness among customers about a new product or service, a promotional offer, or an upcoming event. We understand how you can gain a customer base by using promotional SMS services, as you can share your voice with a large audience in a matter of seconds.

Whatsapp SMS

Why wouldn't your phone number be local if your business is? Utilize a registered local number to connect with people more successfully. Ideal for alert SMS reminders, sales, customer service, and other uses.

IVR Service

Send alert SMS via long code to any 10-digit phone number. Long Code is the ideal solution if you want to run online polls or need bulk SMS for contests that you organize for customer interaction.


If you need a service through which you can communicate with a large number of people simultaneously, then the MSG22 bulk voice call service will be the best option for you. send pre-recorded voice messages for various purposes, such as marketing, promotions, event invitations, customer notifications, reminders, and more.


With customizable templates, list management,automation, audience segmentation, and analytics, we offer you everything possible for your email marketing campaigns. As an email marketing service provider, MSG22 understands your needs and offers you the best software for your business to create, manage, and send email campaigns to your subscribers.

Why choosing msg22 as your bulk SMS service is a smart decision

24/7 Client Assistance

The MSG22 assures consumers of timely and always-available support. Our customers have exclusive access to a variety of advantages, like help to install and configure APIs, uptime guarantee, fast credits, quick responses to your questions, minute-maid setups, code assistance, and much more.

Adaptive to your business needs

MSG22 offers customizable templates, which make your work easier. We also provide sleek API connections. easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface, which increases your efficiency at work and saves you valuable time.

Dynamic Options

Wide range of Custom SMS solutions available. These can be further customized according to your needs. SMS options tailored for client’s needs. Get the best Custom Solutions from the best Bulk sms sender in India now.

Scalable APIs

You can increase your bandwidth according to your needs and wants. MSG22. You can increase your SMS count according to your needs, as we make it easy for our customers to increase their audience at any time.

Competitive Rates

Whether you're a startup, a big MNC business, or an individual, we have packages available for everyone. Get the best bulk SMS service in India at the most competitive price. MSG22 provides customizable plans according to the client’s requirements.

The great Prices and great services of MSG 22 will help you market your product faster, quicker, and using far less budget than traditional advertising. Promote your products through our Bulk SMS Service in India Now!

You can engage and interact effectively and effortlessly with your client base by using bulk SMS marketing services.

Bulk SMS marketing enables you to communicate with a range of customers by utilizing mobile technologies.

Your business will be able to reach out to thousands of potential customers globally with unique offers and discounted pricing thanks to our bulk SMS service provider, who will put your message right in their pockets.

You'll be able to create the message you want to get through to your clients and deliver it in a way you know will stick.

SMS advertising is a tried-and-true method of communicating with customers. With the MSG22 bulk SMS service provider, you benefit from a number of great technologies, including email marketing and IVR services.

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Reach your audience faster and quicker with Bulk SMS service

Just a few clicks, and you can start your bulk SMS journey with MSG22. Avoid the old school tactics and promote your products and services directly to your audience’s cell phones through MSG22 bulk sms services .

MSG22 has cutting-edge technology that allows us to transmit messages virtually quickly.

The messages are transmitted via a variety of channels, including SMS gateways, mobile networks, and other telecommunication channels, ensuring that they reach their intended recipients quickly and reliably.

We take privacy too seriously as we believe in right to privacy

Bulk SMS service providers take great steps to help ensure the security of the communication. Here are the ways they use to help secure the bulk SMS service:

Encryption: Using advanced encryption services ny Bulk SMS service providers tp fully safeguard the message system from the server to the recipient’s mobile device. Providing zero possibilities of being accessed by unwanted sources.

Authentication: Bulk SMS service providers block unauthorised access by using advanced authentication protocols that will undertake users with their proper credentials when these users want to use these services.

Data Privacy: Bulk SMS service providers comply with the most data privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR. This ensures that any personal data that’s stored or collected will be done under the proper provision of these laws.

Anti-fraud messages: The Bulk SMS service providers take advanced security measures to safeguard against frauds. Some of the implemented systems are fraud detection algorithms or prevention of fraudulent activities like phishing, spamming or spoofing.

Secure Infrastructure: Bulk SMS Service providers use highly reliable and secure infrastructures like full data centers, servers and networks, to provide a reliable and robust infrastructure.

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Users buying 1,00,000 or more credits will get their own SMS selling web based reseller panel with following features

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