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Categorised as the best Bulk SMS services in Kolkata the MSG 22 Bulk SMS service is considered the best from our top clients. Used by both small as well as large organisations to promote their products, The Bulk SMS service reaches the customer directly on their phone. No need to spend super expensive resources on traditional marketing and choose Bulk SMS Service for the best. Contact us Today!

Bulk SMS Services In Kolkata

Businesses can utilise a bulk SMS Kolkata service to instantly send messages to customers across the globe in minutes at a time. Almost everything you are required to do is enter the message, upload the list of targeted consumers, and hit "Submit".

Bulk SMS service is similar to message communications sometimes in different manners. Moreover, this is consciously aware of much more. MSG22, a service provider of bulk SMS Kolkata or a bulk SMS gateway allows users to add the sender ID to maximise business, remember specifically, schedule SMS campaigns, and automate SMSs via MSG22's SMS API.

Not only Bulk SMS, but MSG22 also provides the service of email marketing by which you can promote your business or product with email marketing as well.

bulk sms kolkata

How does Bulk SMS services work?

Msg22 is a leading provider of bulk SMS Kolkata services. Msg22 enables direct two-way SMS communication from a laptop with an internet connection. The bulk SMS gateway is available worldwide and connects to over 800 mobile network operators.

TheOver five billion people worldwide now own a cell phone and are capable of sending and receiving SMS messages. This will only increase in the future. All businesses, whether small or big, understand the importance of using this marketing technique, which is tried and tested. Bulk SMS is the practice of sending a large number of text messages at once, and what better than Msg22 to use for these services?

Msg22 is in a great position to be the number one bulk SMS provider not only in India but globally because we have the world's largest SMS Gateway, which supports over 800 networks and we have one of the best teams to integrate the services customised especially for you.

What role does msg22 play in providing bulk SMS Kolkata services?

MSG22, a service provider of bulk SMS Kolkata. MSG22 plays an important role by providing the genuine and budget-friendly service of bulk SMS. The interconnectivity of advanced technology transforms the world into an improved place. MSG22 was formally established with an increased reliance on the rapidly evolving field.

A proven track record and 20,000 customers who are satisfied have engendered our meteoric development over the years. MSG22’s knowledge and resources hand-picked for their natural ability and experience that will help customers improve and gain a decisive edge over its competitors in competing in the global markets, led by IT and marketing professionals.

Although every other team of professionals provides professional service, we go above and beyond to fully comprehend our customers' markets, aims, priorities, and competitive pressures in order to formulate highly customizable health promotion interventions for success. We can fit alternatives into budget allocations and align them with perspicacious analytics for optimum ROIs utilising our experience and know-how.

We stay on top by continuing to develop interesting and informative, reading on the subject, metrics-powered methods, and techniques that bring success in a fluidly dynamic environment where another way brands share information is continuously moving. We place a strong emphasis on establishing and keeping positive connections with customers. This is represented by our management philosophy of relationship accountability and support from beginning to conclusion.

With the bulk SMS Kolkata services, you can communicate with all of your customers at once.

Bulk SMS, also known as bulk texting, allows you to send text messages to a large number of recipients at once. Communicating with different audience segments on a regular basis will save you time and effort. You will save time and effort by sending the same message to different audience segments.

bulk sms services in kolkata

Effective Bulk SMS Kolkata Services for Marketing Engagement and Interaction

Using bulk SMS services and reaching out to all mobile users, you can connect with a wide range of customers. Thanks to our bulk SMS Kolkata service, your company will be able to quickly reach thousands of potential customers worldwide with discounts and special offers, and in Kolkata too.

You can create the message you want to convey to your clients and present it in a way that you believe will be effective.

SMS marketing is a tried-and-true method of reaching out to customers. You can use a variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as email marketing and IVR services, with the MSG22 bulk SMS service provider.

High Volume Text Messaging in Bulk

You can send a large number of messages or texts to a large number of people at once by using bulk SMS or bulk texting. It also allows for quick responses. When sending bulk SMS, you can select a customised response for a specific email address, database, or device.

Techniques for Sending a Large Number of SMS

This fantastic service can be used in a variety of ways. This is extremely beneficial to the majority of our customers. To learn more about transaction SMS, promotional SMS, short codes, and long codes, you can always contact Msg22 and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Bulk SMS High performance messaging solution

Send notificationsand alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS including transactional, promotional, short & long codes services. Deliver messages from your computer or server speedily and simply, through the world's largest SMS messaging network built.


You can choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to your business' needs.


We have a separate wing to listen to your queries and clear them to your satisfaction. Our dedicated team is ready to help at any time with your queries.

Types of bulk SMS that are available for use :

Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS

Short Code

Long Code

Services for Bulk SMS Kolkata

In Kolkata, we offer the following services:

SMS gateway transactional and marketing modes (Long code SMS & Short code SMS) a missing call notice service for virtual phones

Missed call opt-in and opt-out numbers

Voice calls, non-dND SMS, and DND SMS services are all available.

SMS Alerts are sent as a result of the integration of otp sms with the Sms gateway.

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Users buying 1,00,000 or more credits will get their own SMS selling web based reseller panel with following features

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