How to Choose the Best OTP SMS Service Provider in India in 2023?

Best OTP SMS Service Provider in India

OTP is a 4-6 digit number or alphanumeric code having a single-use purpose for a specific session/authentication. Double-factor authentication, or even multi-factor authentication is rather common in today’s world. It adds an extra layer of protection and helps to avoid fraud and security theft.

SMS is the only method that is utilised for delivering verification codes because it is the most popular alternative available to all micro and large businesses worldwide.

OTP SMS services are critical for organisations to handle registrations, password changes, and a variety of other online activities. OTP is also useful for other transactional objectives. It includes establishing a customer’s identification, securely establishing a firm, and facilitating operational work with total safety.

The OTP SMS is delivered to the user’s phone, and the recipient enters it to authenticate his/her identity. It comes for a limited time and allows for a single login. This is important in lowering the chance of fraudulent login attempts and, as a result, the danger of data loss.

What is an OTP SMS Service Provider?

Any organisation or platform that assists you in delivering OTPs to customers is considered an OTP SMS Service provider.

SMS, email, or mobile applications may avail the OTP sms services. Companies offering Otp sms service in India, assist organisations in improving security by providing an additional layer of authentication to secure user accounts and critical information.

Otp sms service in India is increasing very fast. With the rise in the online businesses and banking, the need for OTP sms service is increasing in India. Now almost for every online transaction we need an OTP to validate. It has added much more security in the past few years.

What is an OTP SMS Service Provider

Below are the top Important Factors While Choosing the Best OTP SMS Service Provider

1. Service Reliability

The percentage of outgoing Online OTP SMSs that reach the recipient is measured by reliability. Because OTP messages include personally identifiable information, it is critical to select a supplier that provides dependable and secure services. Look for companies that provide fast delivery, encryption, and two-factor authentication.

2. Low Latency and Better Delivery

Low latency indicates less delay in providing one-time passwords (OTPs), ensuring users have speedy access. A supplier with higher delivery rates ensures that OTPs reach receivers on time, reducing authentication failures and increasing security.

You must select a service who guarantees better delivery and low latency rates. The delay between sending and receiving the SMS OTP is measured as delivery speed. Both measurements provide useful information on the deliverability of SMS OTP.

With high delivery rates, your clients will receive SMS OTP as quickly as possible. A 100% delivery rate is technically impossible to achieve. Seek a rate that is as near to 100% as feasible.

3. Network Coverage

Choose the best provider of Otp sms service in India that has reliable network coverage. The network area that they cover should be to a large extent. A provider will offer global reach, ensuring it is delivered to urban as well as rural areas. They should also keep checking and optimising their network infrastructure . It will ensure that essential otp messages are delivered with security.

4. Security Features

Security Features

When selecting an OTP SMS service provider in India, it is important to understand its security features. A company should provide end-to-end encryption to protect the customer’s data during delivery. SMS OTPs have an advantage over email authentication due to security features such as single-use or time-limited usage. When used with passwords, SMS OTPs provide an extra degree of protection.

There should be multi-factor authentication to enhance the security. They should continue to monitor if there is any glitch or error during transmission. Look for providers with a strong record of security.

5. Accessible to Leverage APIs

An SMS API is a tool that allows developers to send text messages from within their application. It functions as a link between your programme and the SMS provider that transmits the messages.

You can relax knowing that your communications are safe and secure using SMS API. The APIs use encryption technologies to ensure the greatest degree of security.

When using APIs to construct an OTP authentication system, you must verify that your provider’s APIs are flexible enough to easily implement backend services.

6. Pricing Structure

Because OTP services can be costly, it is critical to select a supplier that provides cost-effective options. Look for companies that give flexible pricing options, volume discounts, and no hidden costs.

While most pricing is visible on websites, some cost structures, such as recurring monthly fees, may be hidden. These might have a major influence on your operating costs. In contrast to a set billing option, a flexible billing option allows you to pay for usage. Look for SMS carriers that provide pay-as-you-go choices. This will significantly minimise your operating costs.

7. Customer Support

24/7 customer service

The OTP service provider should give outstanding customer service to assist you with any difficulties that may occur. Look for companies that give 24/7 customer service, live chat, and phone assistance.

You will not be able to find anything out on your own. When you face a snag, you’ll need to contact your SMS provider. A 24/7 support system, as well as a knowledge source to which you may turn, is excellent.

1Service ReliabilityIt should offer fast delivery, encryption, and two-factor authentication. 
2Low Latency and Better DeliveryOTPs should reach receivers on time, reducing authentication failures and increasing security. 
3Network CoverageReliable network coverage is important for both urban as well as rural areas. It will help in timely delivery of OTPs. 
4Security FeaturesSMS OTPs must be secured and provide an extra degree of protection to the customers. 
5Accessible to Leverage APIsSend SMSs easily with an API.
6Pricing StructureCheck pricing structure of the OTP SMS service providers before finalising. 
7Customer SupportCustomer support is very important. Choose a company that gives 24/7 customer service, live chat, and phone assistance.


You may easily and quickly implement every check with the OTP service by delivering codes through SMS, e-mail, or voice without any additional complexity. As a consequence, using online OTP SMS services to protect your cyber security is preferred.

Using OTP reduces the risk linked with your online activities’ safety and security. Furthermore, because of the rapid increase in the number of hackers and other illegal activities, practically every digital portal employs OTP to keep it secure.

As a result, OTP is the most secure service platform for transactions, providing two-factor validation and protecting your online chores. Furthermore, its novel usage for the verification of internet transactions and other online activities is growing on a regular basis.


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