Introducing Transactional SMS: An Innovative Way of Connecting Customers

Transactional SMS

Businesses have noticed that customers prefer texting, and now it is the next big thing in bidirectional contact. It’s often a more accessible and direct way for customers to get important news, especially since only some people have email notifications turned on or check their accounts more than once daily. 

Transactional SMS gets your essential updates and texts right to the phones of those who need them. It not only lets you reach more people, but it also lets you give your customers a better experience and get them more involved. 

Stay with us to discover the benefits of transactional SMS and how to use transactional SMS for your businesses to improve customer contact. 

What is an transactional SMS?

Like transactional emails, transactional SMSs are automatic texts that hold essential, time-sensitive information about an account or a deal. They are set off by something the user does or something that happens because of that action or other account behavior. For example, a shipping notice about a recent buy or a statement that your contract is about to expire.

Use cases for transactional SMS

Like transactional emails, bulk SMS  can only hold information and can’t be used to sell anything. Also, people must agree to receive transactional texts via SMS before they can do so. Still, business SMS can be used in a lot of different ways. Let’s look at some of the things you can do with transactional SMS:

One-Time Passwords (OTP): Make it easy for users to sign in to your app to improve their experience.

Two-step verification (2FA): Make your service and customer accounts safer. Order status updates: Inform people about how their order is coming along.

Alerts about shipping and delivery: Ensure customers have enough information to set up orders.

Messages To Confirm Or Cancel A Booking Or Reservation: Improve how plans and refunds are handled.

Notices about payments and bills: Ensure customers always know when to pay and are only charged with a warning.

Confirmations and notes of appointments: Lessen the number of licenses you miss. Alerts, notes, or news in general: Don’t flood your customer service team with questions about general changes to your service.

Warnings of danger: Send SMS alerts to get people together quickly in an emergency.

Enjoy the same commitment to deliverability

Email email and SMS APIs were built with the same goal to make it easy to send and scale business messages. SMS is instantly divided and encoded, and our robust and reliable network of carriers lets you send important announcements to your customer’s mobile phone numbers at the right time. 

Also, the combination of real-time delivery records and innovative delivery system increases reliability and lowers costs, making for a solution that is easy to scale. 

Schedule Bulk SMS

Use the group sending address to plan the sending of bulk SMS at a better time, either to avoid sending during busy times, to ensure they get delivered, or to ensure they arrive at the same time as an event. You can also send more efficiently when you send in bulk. By sending bulk text messages only when you need to, you can take advantage of our higher limit for sending bulk messages.

Send custom SMS that fit your brand

The new transactional SMS feature gives you many ways to make your texts more personal. You can change them to fit your business, get customers more involved, and build better relationships.

Get ideas from our professionally made SMS themes, add some of your brand’s personality, and personalize texts for each customer using their customer information. Also, you’ll quickly be able to add rich video files like PNG, GIF, JPG, WAV, and more to your messages to make them more attractive.

Use inbound routing to converse with recipients

Incoming forwarding tool also works with SMS, so you can let people comment and carry on talks through SMS. This function enables you to provide excellent customer service by instantly getting, reviewing, and decoding text messages sent to your app. Currently, incoming SMS routing is only available in the US, but keep an eye out because it will soon be available in more places.

Try out the SMS API now!

People with a premium plan will get a free trial phone number to try out the tool.

You can also use a bulk SMS connection to send SMS messages triggered by emails from more than 4,000 apps. 

Transactional SMS: Why you should use it

Using SMS to communicate has many more benefits than just reaching more people. Text messages for business:

1. High delivery and open rates 

SMS has a near 100% delivery rate and an average available rate of 98%, while email has a 20-30% delivery rate and an average available rate of 20%. Bulk SMS is easy for people since most of us always have phones. Also, spam is much less likely to happen because there are many rules about sending SMS. This means that SMS has a higher chance of being delivered. 

 2. Is very fast 

Speed is the most important thing for business texting, especially for texts like calls to change a password. Bulk SMS texts can be sent and received in seconds; most people check them within 5 minutes. 

3. Gives you ownership of the channel 

Like your email list, you own the people who opt-in to your SMS list, and you have full power over your messages and platform. None of the risks come with third-party tools like social media for conversation.

4. It makes business more efficient and improves the customer experience

More customers will read your important messages if you have high delivery and open rates. This can help, for example, to import the number of missed or late visits or ensure a customer is a home when a package is delivered. 

5. Works with your favorite apps and CMS

Transactional SMS solutions  can connect with thousands of apps to send SMS messages with email triggers for a fully automated, smooth experience. 

If your business emphasizes communication and wants to improve the customer experience, transactional SMS messages is the best way to boost these efforts. When done right and in line with the best practices for business SMS, bulk SMS offers ease, speed, more satisfied customers, and better relationships.


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