Bulk Voice Call Service in India

Promote your brand in a most human way with the Voice Call Service provided by MSG 22. Get to your target audience in a way through pre-recorded human voiced messages. This is a much more effective form of Voice Call advertising and marketing of your products than the traditional bulk SMS services. At MSG 22 we provide the best Bulk Voice Call Service according to your requirements. Get the best way of promotion for your products with MSG 22. With different plans and flexible prices, get your brand heard directly to your customers with MSG 22. Contact us today!

Bulk Voice Call Service provider

Voice SMS are pre-recorded SMS which can be easily sent to mobiles and landlines across the country with MSG22. It allows you to send pre-recorded messages to thousands of numbers in one go. A human voice gives a human touch as compared to other forms of bulk marketing services. This is great for generating leads, notifying events, promotion campaigns, surveys, etc.

Voice SMS is a technology that automates bulk voice calls to mobile or telephone users and plays pre-recorded messages. Our platform can handle any amount of inbound or outbound traffic. We can create voice SMS in any regional language. So, what are you waiting for? Try a free voice call — no credit card required — and get:

  • Customer segments that are customizable
  • Deliveries at industry-leading rates
  • Pricing flexibility—seamlessly scale up or down, and more.
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Outreach and Market In A Human Way

Voice calling refers to the capability to get in touch and chat with people in real time over the telephone.

Voice call service at MSG22 has lower costs, complete portability, increased accessibility, higher scalability, and clearer voice messages. Outreach your audience in a faster and much better way and in a better way through MSG 22 as the Voice Call Service Provider. Contact us today!

Advantage of using bulk Voice call services

Bulk Voice Call SMS is a method of communicating with hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.

Sending the same Voice message to different segments of your audience saves time and effort.

Sending the same message to different segments of your audience saves time and effort.

Many languages are supported according to different regions.

Option of audience segmentation is available.

Msg22 Is One of Foremost Voice Call Service Providers In India

With voice call offerings, we assist you in connecting with your target market. Without difficulty, record voice calls and ship them to your clients anywhere in India using an automatic online device. MSG22 includes a full-featured online control panel. There's no need to depend on operators or reminders to dial the call. Once the device is up and running, document your voice message, add your touch list, and you're good to go. Our system will contact the clients as planned.

Our services are supposed to fulfill your wishes and provide powerful answers. Supply your customers with voice calls in the regional language with the exact voice they enjoy. It converts smartphone calls into leads.

Voice Broadcasting Equipment

Increase your sales revenue by broadcasting the latest news, offers, and deals to your audience. It really helps save time and effort when you reach out to a large number of people at once. This helps in better management and you use your resources for some other important task. Msg22 provides one of the best Voice Broadcasting Services in India. Trust us, and feel the difference.

Plan a Voice Campaign

Plan your phone calls for a specific date and time. The calls will be automated by the system. You do not need to call every single person, reminding them or informing them about the events or any campaign that your company or business might be organizing. The system will do its work with great efficiency, thereby reducing the need for human resources. Msg22 provides the best high-performance servers that you can use for your bulk Voice call campaigns. We also offer other services such as email marketing and IVR Service.

Multiple Languages are supported

The software includes customized language features to reach a larger audience. It's not necessary that all of your clients be aware of a specific language. Therefore, it is necessary for your voice call to be in all the regional languages of India. Msg22 providesVoice call services in all regional languages of India. Also, you can also modify your language depending on which state you are calling from.

Audience Segmentation

Choose an audience based on the user persona and target them with multiple voice calls. Depending on your company, business, and niche, you can look for your target audience and make the appropriate calls. If you are looking for such services, then look no further. Msg22 can help you with all of this. Msg22 provides the best services that you can use for your audience segmentation.

How to Send a Bulk SMS Message

Bulk SMS works the same way for everyone—from small businesses, to large enterprises. Engage with your customers, employees and prospects in three easy steps.


Discuss With Us

Having a good discussion is like having riches. It is always advisable to discuss your requirements with us before making any move towards the execution of your plan or starting your project. If we know exactly what you need, we can advise you on the best plan available for you and provide an exact quote.


Choose Your Perfect Plan

After our discussion, you must have reached some conclusion with our expert’s advice about which plan fits the best for your company or your work. After all your dilemmas are cleared from our end, you can make the best choice possible as to which plan provides the best value for money for your company.


Start Your Project

Now, as we have discussed your requirements, and you understand which plan fits your requirements the best, you are ready to start your project and achieve your goal, for which you have been working hard and reached us in the first place. Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

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