Best Practices for SMS Marketing to Succeed in 2023

Best Practices for SMS Marketing to Succeed in 2023 (1)

1. Consent Is Must 

To send an SMS to a customer across most countries, together with the United States and much of Europe, you should first obtain their specific consent. It indicates that your customer might have consciously consented to accept SMS from you.

In other words, even if they signed up for your email list or offered you their mobile phone number somehow doesn’t mean they have consented to accept SMS. Rather, they would have finished a form indicating that you will be sending SMS messages, such as promotional messages, to the phone number they offer.

In the United States, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) expanded this requirement to SMS messages being sent for informational purposes only. The above implies you’ll require someone’s express permission before sending them SMS messages for informational purposes. Not only for the purpose of marketing.

So, consent is a must when you use bulk SMS service.

2. Make Opt-Out A Breeze 

In bulk SMS marketing, struggling to offer an option to opt out of accepting promotional content is wrong. Conversely, whatever marketing lateral. If you enquire your customers to sign up utilizing YES or Y, permit them to answer every one of your texts with just a simple N or NO to just have their names removed from the marketing subscribers list.

STOP seems to be another popular suggestion that brands have to provide their subscribers to continue getting advertising messages. The aim is to make opting out as simple as possible. A system in which users are still not obligated to fill out using a lengthy form, communicate via email, or click many buttons to explain their reasons for leaving.

Hopefully, an opt-out option would be included in all text messages you send to market to that and communicate with your customers.

3. Personalization

With just the emergence of new innovation, businesses could now send messages to their customers on an even more personal level through an SMS platform. It is achieved by sending targeted messages to consumers relying on their name, position, or even other information. This facilitates companies to keep a personal connection with their clients while growing conversions through the stipulation of clear data.

Businesses can utilize a personalized SMS marketing strategy to send targeted, personalized messages to their prospects and customers. Businesses could indeed send SMS messages that also are specific to each receiver while using data from their client relationship management (CRM) system. 

This business strategy can be utilized to build customer loyalty, consumer experience, and sales. Considering the high open rate, it’s really no surprise that somehow this marketing channel surpasses social media and email marketing.

4. Identify Who You Are

Make certain that you introduce yourself when you’ve gotten your customer’s phone number. Your message will more than likely arrive as either an unknown number, as well as you don’t wish that they delete something before having to read it. It started referring to this as bulk SMS marketing. This would include your brand name somewhere at beginning of the message letting customers be aware of who you are and engaging them with your substance immediately.

It’s very crucial to identify your brand, whenever you use bulk SMS service or bulk SMS marketing.

5. Frequency and Time Zone

Consider making sure that you introduce yourself when you receive your customer’s phone number. Your message would also most probably occur as such an unknown number, but instead, you don’t wish for them to delete everything before having read it. These are made in reference to that SMS advertising. This includes your brand name somewhere at the commencement of the message also lets consumers know who you are and gets involved them with your substance pretty quickly.

Keep guidelines, trivia, and knowledge cutlets to a minimum as well. Nobody wished to be discussed in detail together all time. When it tends to come to helpdesk texts, even so, your timing should really be superb. Stay focused and keep us updated.

Your users could continue to stay in Australia whilst also your brand works from the United States. Sending an SMS to your users in the middle of the night interrupts their nap. Sending a communication at 6 a.m. might very well result in the STOP message turning up as well quickly. Be aware of where your users are wanting to stay. Should use your CRM and customer insights to their fullest capabilities.

6. Short Codes

For high-volume A2P messaging, short code numbers are a popular option. Short codes can send SMS at 100 MPS (message segments per second) by default, which would be perfect for applications that necessitate sending time-sensitive messages to an enormous number of users in one go. If preferred, shortcodes can also program to send MMS messages.

Even though carriers vet and endorse all shortcodes for their own destined use, carrier filtering would be minor. This one is incredibly significant if your messages contain language that could appear high-risk to carrier filtering systems being sent via long code or Toll-Free, such as monetary references. So, shortcodes are very important in bulk SMS marketing. 

7. Content, Fonts, and Languages


Having a permit from your subscribers to transmit marketing and communication messages somehow doesn’t imply that you’ll be mistreating them. As noted previously, check the best time of day week for different regions and customer segments. Users must not be barraged with content periodically times.

Needing to be mentioned, the content’s value and the content itself are essential. Make your texts fascinating; actually, write dull or menial texts. Give discounts, but avoid going hog wild. Recognize how much your customers are searching for right now. Have they left the cart on one such day? Care to tell them. Make great offers for them. With time-sensitive special offers, you can hurry them up. Notify them of any available for the future so they can plan one‘s selection.


Make every message matter. Actually, be useful in a certain direction because then your users would want to read it instead of just deleting it. Suffice it to say, use appropriate fonts. But unless your text is just too small, it will also be impossible to read. Too big demonstrates that you’ve been intentionally trying while being too loud and mouthy.

You can’t also be convincing and excited at the same time. Make a public statement with your content instead of your fonts. Sure, use simple fonts, plain fonts are by far the most legible. Eliminate using just so many colors.

Whether it’s an opt-out feature, are including something at the end rather than trying to hide it all in tiny text like that of an unsubscribe possibility in emails. This may aggravate readers. Whenever it comes to certain decisions, be ferocious and have to accept.


SMS is challenging to transmit because it’s so short. In actuality, being short makes it more challenging. Have used the 160 characters judiciously because you need to include your authenticity as well as an unsubscribe choice. This might tempt you to utilize the popular text messaging lingo of “4 u” rather than “for you” and “b4” but instead of “before”. Shorthand language, but on the other hand, somehow doesn’t express a professional appearance. Such phrases are also detrimental to your brand’s image.

Your catchphrase should be simple and concise writing. Even before you market and communicate via text, evince your brand equity too.

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