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Security is the need of the hour in todays day and age and businesses need to safeguard their and their customer’s data and logins to not get this data in unwanted hands. MSG 22 is introducing the most secure Transaction SMS Service to safeguard both Businesses and customers, who use these services. From company SMS to 2 factor authentication codes, Transactional SMS can safeguard the danger of unauthorised access and much more. Used by Thousands of businesses and organizations, get MSG 22 Transactional MSG service today. Get the best of the best. Contact us today !

Transaction SMS Service

Any text messaging sent by a company to a consumer that offers useful details about their goods, services, or procedures is referred to as a transaction SMS. Transaction SMS is not a term used to describe marketing messages or promotional SMS campaigns.

In an age of rising cybercrime and incidents of personal data theft, it is critical for businesses to implement effective data protection mechanisms.

As a result, many companies, including Google and Facebook, have implemented two-step authentication on their websites to protect their users from unauthorized logins to their accounts, and the transactional SMS era has made this very simple.

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Manage your communication with Transaction SMS

Transactional messages are exceptional practice for client conversation, from the sign-up process to purchases and transport, and SMS is the appropriate channel for this.

Transaction SMS allows for actual-time updates, which makes it ideal for transport and order status notifications, appointment confirmations, and different customer service capabilities.

What is Transaction SMS and how does it work?

Transactional SMS is defined as the text message sent from any business, company, or organization to their customer or client. The transactional SMS may provide important and valuable information about the company’s products and services.

Transactional messages are automated or are automatically sent out. This helps in saving human resources to a great extent.

Types of Transaction SMS

For the businesses to utilize transaction SMS, they must have a web SMS platform or use integrative SMS functionality within their softwares using an API key. Transactional SMS occur only after a certain specified action from the customers’ end. This action then leads to an automated message to be sent to the customer with the company’s or the organization’s reference.

Appointment confirmation

When someone makes an appointment with your company, you should immediately send an SMS confirmation with the booking time and location. SMS confirmations help to avoid confusion and reduce costly no-shows. It is beneficial for both you and your customer. Most importantly, in an already swamped world, the last thing you need is confusion.

Order confirmations

The orders that are purchased online are confirmed through these online messages. This is convenient for customers to know about their order details, which is very important in today’s busy world. You need to keep your customers informed at each step of their order cycle.

Shipping updates

There are few things in life that can compare to the thrill of receiving an online order. Sending regular SMS shipping updates can help build anticipation and create a smooth delivery process. It will help you gain the trust of your consumers, and they will keep coming back for more. Most importantly, you need to keep your customers informed about their order shopping details so they know exactly when they will receive their product.

Welcome messages

The welcome transactional SMS is sent out when any new customer or client joins the organization. This happens on their first purchase or maybe when they sign up for an online store. Welcome messages are the messages that your new customers or employees would love to hear. With Msg22’s bulk SMS services, you can send as many welcome messages as your plan allows, to make that personal connection. With the help of Msg22 you may benefit from a number of ground-breaking technologies including OTP SMS and Alert SMS.

How to Send a Bulk SMS Message

Bulk SMS works the same way for everyone—from small businesses, to large enterprises. Engage with your customers, employees and prospects in three easy steps.


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