Why Is SMS Automation Important For Your Business?

SMS Automation is Important For Your Business

Customers now expect businesses to go above and beyond to satisfy their desires and requirements in the digital-first world we live in. Keeping customers informed with automated communications given not only through email but also straight to their phone via bulk SMS service or SMS automation and WhatsApp is an integral part of achieving that goal.

As you know, you expect customer behavior to immediately trigger messages by putting more stress on existing assets. Here is where automated messaging steps in, acting as the foundation of enterprises as well as driving a sizable portion of operations, it generates significant outcomes with such little work. Organization’s top priority is always to concentrate on what is essential, therefore 69% of them claimed to believe automation helps to cut down on wasteful time as well as boosts performance.

Here are some of the main benefits of availing of bulk SMS service or SMS automation for your business.

Benefits Of SMS Automation

1. Enhance Conversation and Sales

A business that provides bulk SMS service in India would not only improve the client experience but also help with customer conversion. There are many benefits of bulk SMS for your business. You may effectively increase your conversion rates by implementing SMS campaigns. In accordance with your customers’ choices, you might make them a variety of offers. Conversion will go up as a result.

Send missed cart offers, personalized birthday and anniversary promotions, annual event reminders (like flowers for Valentine’s Day), and more via SMS to take advantage of the channel’s high open rates. 

2. Boost Customer Retention and Renewals

Presenting material service expiry reminders, subscription renewal alerts, payment as well as service reminders, including notifications for quarterly health checks to your customers’ mobile phones.

3. Capture Data Feedback at the Right Time

Enabling customers to send you questions, complaints, or reviews by SMS plus receive a prompt answer on their phone is a terrific way of maintaining them as clients. Once items have been delivered, and at any other time throughout a transaction, you might send your consumers an SMS urging them to answer. This lets you gather immediate feedback.

4. SMS Automation Delight Your Customer

By receiving incoming SMS inquiries as well as setting up automated SMS responses, you might give your consumers immediate access to on-demand information. With MSG22 SMS Automation , you can take it one step even more by including multi-media resources in your SMS attachments, also including location maps, PDF menus, rate cards, plus instructive pamphlets.

5. SMS Automation Even Reduced Operational Expenses

By sending pre-delivery confirmation messages, logistics or even e-commerce businesses could save money on operational expenses.

When We Talk About SMS Automation, What Can Be Automated?

1. Welcome Messages

Using bulk SMS service or SMS automation, Send a customized welcome mass SMS to your clients as soon as they register with you. Include some useful information, including website links, introductory videos, or some instructions.

2. SMS Alerts & Confirmations of Appointments

With bulk SMS automation service your SMS alerts and confirmation of appointments. This is because possibly two of the most popular applications for automatic text messages are reminders and confirmations. This can be especially helpful if you run a session- and appointment-based business. You may feel at ease and significantly reduce no-shows and cancellations by setting up reminders for your clients, whether they’re a few weeks, a week, or a day in advance.

3. Updates and Notifications

Automated text messages are just a great way to distribute notifications in mass. As a result, you could inform your customers about what’s going on with your company without them having to ask. This might be applied to a variety of scenarios, including open support tickets or modifications to your office space. This could cut down on repeated phone calls from customers and save you a tonne of work and time.

4. Feedback and Reviews

Obtaining customer feedback may prove extremely helpful for enhancing your business plan. But frequently, people forget to complete surveys as well as submit reviews because life interferes with their schedules. 

One approach to ensuring that your clients leave reviews involves employing corporate text messaging software to send automated reminders. You can do a lot to assist yourself obtain good feedback on your business by setting up a message to automatically go out the same day as an appointment or booking.

5. Emergency Precautions

Marketing updates and standard notifications aren’t the only types of automated text messages for business. Crises do occur, however when they do, having the ability to quickly but simply inform your workers to them can be helpful. Employees and business partners can really be kept better aware and prepared to handle any instant risks by receiving automated emergency notifications.

6. Referral Requests

After a purchase or on a regular basis, using SMS automation and sending automated messages to your consumers appealing for referrals. Maintain a steadily growing consumer base with little work.


After having read all these benefits, we can conclude that SMS automation is extremely powerful in enhancing marketing results and boosting sales. From creating a very personal bond with your customers to running a follow up campaigns to updating them of the recent updates and news related to your brand to customer retention. It all becomes super easy and more converting.

That is the reason every leading business uses SMS automation. And since we at MSG22 understand this power completely, we offer a very effective and well planned SMS automation service that will take your business to new heights. So contact us and talk to our experts and ask them all your queries regarding the SMS Automation.


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