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Promoting your products is never as easy with the Support of MSG 22 Promotional SMS service. Get the best services from a trusted brand and market your products and services in a simple yet more effective way that gets results. MSG 22 is the leader in Promotional SMS service by providing our clients with extremely reliable services. We provide our clients with Bulk SMS services that have instant delivery to the customer, extremely time efficient and affordable. Take advantage of it now and contact us today!


Use the MSG22 Promotional SMS is just a low-cost as well as effective marketing tool that allows you to promote your company, service, or product directly to the recipient's mobile phone. Using a promotional SMS gateway for business promotion is just a primary marketing channel primarily used by B2C agencies to increase sales or even maintain customer satisfaction. We provide the best promotional SMS service for your company, which could also directly generate sales and leads for your company. Our dedicated team of professionals perceives all such factors and works with you to ensure that your messaging campaign is a huge success for your company.

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How Can We Use Promotional SMS

SMS marketing had already grown into a major factor of any digital marketing strategy and can be utilized by businesses to achieve a broad range of advertising objectives. SMS marketing campaigns might be used to:

  • Engage Your Audience: Use mass texting to quickly distribute appropriate announcements and new content.
  • Increase Sales: To increase revenue, use promotional SMS marketing to share promotional offers, discounts, as well as limited-time offers.
  • Nurture Leads: Follow up with leads via SMS as well as maintain their interest with the occasional text message.
  • Build Relationship: With two-way conversations, focus on providing SMS customer service and assistance.

How Promotional SMS Service Helps Us

Here’s how promotional SMS services help businesses and organizations enhance their performance.

Instant Delivery

Promotional SMS is a very fast and effective way of marketing. It is delivered in a matter of seconds, so your marketing message would almost immediately reach your target audience.


SMS saves time because text messages can be scheduled and you can send a single message to a large audience instead of writing each message individually. This enables you to focus on other parts of the business, which is a huge benefit.


Text messages are inexpensive, especially if purchased in bulk. No other marketing method offers such low-cost results, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods like TV, print media, or TV

Features Of Promotional SMS

  • API Integration: Integrate into your software to experience successful implementation as well as the business by interacting with automatic message sending.
  • Promotional SMS Gateway: As part of the promotional SMS service, you'll get high-priority SMS gateway access.
  • Trackable SMS: Allow access to the capability to keep track as well as monitor every SMS sent and received from customers.
  • Real-Time Delivery Reporting: Receive a real-time confirmation report on your messages' delivery status.

How to Send a Bulk SMS Message

Bulk SMS works the same way for everyone—from small businesses, to large enterprises. Engage with your customers, employees and prospects in three easy steps.

Frequently asked questions

Users buying 1,00,000 or more credits will get their own SMS selling web based reseller panel with following features


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