What is an Interactive Voice Response System?

What is interactive response system

Having doubts about choosing the IVR Service Provider in India? If you own a business that needs an IVR system, then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ve discussed the importance of the IVR system and why should you choose an IVR system and contact an IVR Service Provider. Initially, you must have some knowledge about the IVR or Interactive Voice Response System.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response System is generally an automated telephone system that communicates with callers and learns about the reason for the call in order to direct callers to the proper person or division. Callers can provide information in answer to automated questions either by speaking or by choosing alternatives from menus on their touch-tone telephone keypads. So, IVR systems are commonly used to ascertain the motive for a call and afterward redirect callers to the relevant departments for rapidly solving problems and speedy assistance.

Members of staff who answer routed calls could rapidly understand the caller’s demand and access the information those who need to solve their concern or question by reviewing the information callers send to the automated system on a display screen. If we talk about another feature of IVR, then the independence of IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems from users is one of their best qualities. Unless otherwise customized, it will continue to function once configured. IVR systems don’t require sleep or rest, thus they supply something else in contrast to individuals. Your programmed system can handle straightforward transactions for you even if you receive a call from one of your customers at two in the morning.

Benefits of an IVR

Well, there are lots of benefits of having an IVR system. We mentioned some of the most important and main reasons, why you can decide, whether you why should you choose an IVR or Interactive Voice Response system. 

Your initial contact resolution can be improved:

Because consumers are routed to the most qualified agent or department using skills-based routing, Interactive Voice Response systems may significantly boost first-contact resolution. As a result, the agent who answers the call will be less likely to send the call to some other agent and more likely to have the knowledge to address the issue at the initial interaction.

You can use customer data for customer’s better experience:

IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems can help you gather and use a lot of client data, which is another advantage. IVRs gather data on consumer interests and important antecedents, which you can utilize to customize the customer experience.

Likewise, you may utilize an IVR to request client feedback at the completion of the conversation. You can even reach out to a significant number of customers in advance and conduct a survey with them on the phone should you desire to go one step further.

Your client service can be simplified:

An IVR system’s technology to perform customer service and limit the time spent taking calls is arguably its greatest benefit. IVRs are ideal for giving clients basic information without referring them to an agent. Agents can then dedicate themselves to addressing client inquiries that call for real-time support. Automated customer assistance also leads to greater effectiveness and lower operating expenses, as we are all aware.

Customers can be divided based on a variety of factors:

Regarding caller ID filtering, you may also utilize caller IDs to divide up your clientele into groups according to the area they are phoning from. For instance, it’s extremely possible that calls from one area will rapidly increase if your service is interrupted in one area. In such circumstances, you can easily filter calls from that area and inform the caller of the pertinent problem.

In addition, there are additional characteristics that can be utilized to segment clients. By segmenting VIP clients and routing them to the proper agent based on their customer reference numbers, for example, you can prioritize important inquiries. However Msg22 is one of the best IVR Service provider.

Run an analysis of the market:

IVR systems are a marketer’s fantasy when it comes to conducting market research. Phone polls and surveys are an excellent way to get data on various demographics, particularly when they come with a raffle prize or discount. IVR systems allow for focused market research that is based on lead lists or geographic areas that have been acquired. Because the process is automated, you can do this research as frequently as you like without falling behind on other work or having to hire temporary staff.

Boost your mobile brand awareness:

Mobile marketing with IVRs is one of the most frequently discussed subjects while reading about IVR systems and marketing. Although cold dialing might be challenging, IVR makes it possible to automate the process of contacting potential customers.

IVR systems installed in-house are often less expensive than hiring in-house telemarketing workers or outsourcing campaigns to telemarketer firms.

Notify clients via alerts:

It is effective to create an interactive voice response system to cut down on the number of follow-up and verification calls you make. An IVR makes it simple to inform clients that their direct E-mail campaign has indeed been delivered, confirm client appointments, issue service reminders, and push out notifications if your organization introduces a new service or feature.

Types of IVR Sytems

However, there many many types of IVR or Interactive Voice response, systems available. Here are the three types of IVR. All these are different from each other.

Touch-Tone IVR System:

The most prevalent kind of IVR system is a touch-tone system. They are often less expensive and quicker to utilize than other IVR system variants. Touch-tone IVR systems may not be able to fulfill complicated consumer demands due to their possible functional decline.

Speech-Recognition IVR System:

IVR, or interactive voice response, is an automated phone system that uses text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages in conjunction with a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interface to engage callers and provide them access to information without the need for a live person.

Voice-Biometrics IVR system:

IVR voice verification is a biometric authentication method that is typically utilized in contact centers when a phone call is involved. It offers extra protection in a channel that mainly relies on people and is consequently susceptible to fraud brought on by social engineering assaults. But, this IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is one of the most expensive IVR systems.

Systems for interactive voice response (IVR) aren’t just for big businesses. IVR technology can be beneficial to even small marketing companies. While effective routing is one of the main advantages of an IVR, it is not their sole function. Such systems work for both inbound and outbound calls.

How to Choose an IVR System?

Choosing an IVR or Interactive Voice Response is not a difficult task, you just need to contact an IVR Service Provider. They will get in touch with you.


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