12  Best Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

12 ways to improve your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing hasn’t been replaced or completely phased out despite numerous years of predictions to the contrary. In fact, email marketing is still among the best ways to connect with clients, both new and old.

Naturally, there is always room for improvement in marketing strategies. Therefore, in order to learn how companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, can improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns by availing of Email marketing services. Here are the top 12 suggestions for writing emails that recipients will read and click on.

Tips for creating email marketing campaigns

1. Segment your email lists

Some users might not be intrigued by news, events, or coupons, but they may be engaged in one or more of the other email types you provide. Because of this, it’s crucial to know who you are emailing. Think about segmenting your email lists by age group, for instance, if you offer discounts to retirees or students. Email a specific media list rather than your general one if you have a press release to distribute. You can encourage higher open and click-through rates and fewer unsubscribes by sending your subscribers and customers relevant messages.

2. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly

A lot of people will immediately delete an email if it doesn’t display properly [on their mobile device]. It’s crucial to concentrate on producing mobile-optimised email content that is attention-grabbing and engaging on a smartphone in order to prevent [your email] from being sent straight to the trash. Always try to select a single-column layout that accommodates vertical scrolling. Utilise large images and catchy headlines. Shorten the subject lines you use. Moreover, make sure your CTA buttons are big enough to tap without difficulty.

Email marketing services give you the chance to test how your messages appear on various platforms and in various inboxes, such as Outlook 2011 or Gmail in Chrome, and ensure your designs appear properly wherever they are sent.

3. Consider text-only emails

The best email format is a straightforward text message with links to your content or products. Images appear attractive, but the majority of email clients, such as Outlook, automatically block them, leaving the majority of recipients with broken content rather than attractive images. To track which links people are clicking on and which ones they aren’t, we write very brief but descriptive paragraphs with links to the site. 

4. Make sure the subject line is concise and compelling

Create a compelling subject line for your email because that will determine whether you succeed or fail. “Either describe a deal that your clients won’t be able to refuse or inform them of a noteworthy event. If you have a segmented mailing list that is catered to the unique purchasing patterns of your customers, this is even more effective.

5. Have a clear call to action (CTA)

Not having clearly defined calls to action is one of the biggest mistakes people make when using email marketing. It makes no difference whether you’re directing traffic to a page, encouraging people to call a number, or soliciting form submissions. It’s likely that the reader [will delete your email] if they can’t figure out what to do in less than five seconds. 

The advice that followed was to test emails for marketing campaigns by showing them to friends or family members and giving them 5 seconds to respond and have a look at the email, then see if they understand what they need to do. Whether you want your subscribers to buy something, find out more, or sign up, every email you send out should have a stated and obvious purpose.

6. Optimise your pre-header text

Pre-headers are even more important to raising response rates because 55% of all email opens occur on mobile devices. By starting with an offer when appropriate, using personalization and urgency (such as “ends soon” or “expires tonight”) to engage the subscriber and increase the open rate, you can make sure that your pre-header text complements your subject line and gives the reader another reason to open the email.

7. Give readers a choice to read further or learn more by being brief

If you have a lot of information to share, think about including teasers for each section followed by a link to the full article. This will help you avoid making readers scroll past one lengthy section of content in order to access the other supplemental materials. This is particularly crucial for mobile because there is a chance that readers will scan the first topic, decide they don’t connect with it, and then delete the email rather than scrolling down to other content.

8. Learn when is the most effective time of day for connecting with your target audience(s)

On weekdays, don’t assume that everyone in the business will respond between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. “We noticed a noticeably higher rate of opening between 8 and 9 in the morning for an email marketing campaign. for example. We may observe a significant decline in the open rate after 9:00 a.m.

When planning your email schedule, “consider the time zone of those in your database.”By segmenting your send times, you can make sure that messages are delivered to each area at the most suitable open times. 

9. Allow customers to manage their email subscriptions

Preference centres are a simple way to lower your list attrition rates. A preference centre is a landing page on your company’s website that enables your subscribers to modify [or unsubscribe from] your emails.  Use the language “We understand your needs change” from your preference centre. Would you prefer a decrease in the frequency of emails from us? Afterwards, give customers the option to decide how frequently they want to receive emails from you.

10. Track your emails

Utilise UTM codes to monitor post-click visitor activity. If your email marketing service provider doesn’t automatically create these, take the time to do so for each and every link in your email. When your UTM codes are consistent, you can see whether your subscribers are converting, which pages they are visiting, or whether they are immediately bouncing. 

11. Constantly test

Email marketers must test each and every aspect of their campaigns, including the subject lines, featured content, creative, and send times. As an illustration, one of your customers used A/B testing to find out what resonated with a younger audience when it tried to adapt its email content to appeal to that group. The business discovered through A/B testing of its content and send times that although its customers were most engaged with content on Sundays, they were in the buying mood on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This crucial insight helped it increase open rates.

Just keep in mind that subtle variations will help you identify the cause of any differences in open rates, click-through rates, or conversions when you are conducting A/B testing. Increase open rates? Use two different subject lines on the same email for testing. Clickthrough rates? The button placement for your CTA should be altered in the same email. You can improve your marketing strategies continuously by continually testing your ideas.

12. Regularly update and cleanse your email list

“Keep your recipient list as tidy as you can,” you should remember. Older, unkempt lists routinely have lower engagement rates than well-maintained lists. To segment your list by engagement, make sure to remove addresses that haven’t been used in a while.

A whopping 40% of your subscribers are inactive. Email delivery rates can be negatively impacted by sending email marketing campaigns to subscribers who do not open or read your emails. Simply delete the subscribers who last opened an email in the past 12 months and concentrate on the subscribers who are actually participating in your email marketing campaigns.


With these suggestions in mind, you’re already on the road to getting more from your email marketing strategy. Email has so much to offer when it comes to generating revenue for your company. Your most successful digital marketing channel may be email thanks to data you’ll use for more precise personalization and a regular sending schedule.

You can advance your email marketing strategy with the help of the Email Marketing services provided by MSG22. Learning how to create a successful email series will help you launch your email marketing campaigns after you’ve learned how to improve your strategy.


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