An IVR System Must Have These 10 features

10 Must-Have Features for an Effective IVR System

Read on to discover 10 ways to enhance the experience of callers who want to solve problems or connect with a member of your company. 

Guidelines for Constructing a fantastic IVR System Experience

1. Make options easy to understand the IVR System

Make sure the IVR menu choices are simple to understand. Instructions must be concise and clear. Your customers won’t be able to find the right department if they are fumbling with buttons and struggling to understand instructions on the IVR system. As a result, they will always have a negative opinion of your business.

2. Use a realistic-sounding voice

Don’t use artificial voices, robotic tones, or accents with elaborate patterns. Make conversations with customers feel more natural by using high-quality, realistic speech. Interacting with a live customer service representative makes callers feel more at ease. Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, a human voice, or a combination of the two can be used when recording.

To keep the client engaged and provide the appropriate service, you must also use the best IVR Service with the appropriate tone, language, and empathetic tone.

3. Give callers the choice to speak with a live person as soon as possible

By allocating the most qualified representatives to handle customer interactions, automatic call distribution combined with your IVR Service can enhance the customer experience. When calling customer service, 90% of customers prefer speaking with a live agent. Customers’ dislike of IVRs is largely a result of the overwhelming number of buttons and options they must select from.

They frequently have a very difficult time finding the opportunity to speak with a LIVE representative. It should be possible to immediately escalate a call to a live agent in a well-designed IVR system menu.

4. Use wait time for promotions

Use the time that customers are on hold to advertise your company and let them know about your products, special offers, and discounts. It’s crucial to avoid overdoing promotions though, as this can overwhelm or irritate customers.

Make the most of the wait time by highlighting your communication channels, inviting customers to webinars, and offering them educational options. Customers may become more engaged with your business as a result and trust may be increased.

5. Encourage users to connect on other channels

A website FAQ page, a chatbot, messaging applications, and social media are examples of communication channels. This eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold or navigate the IVR system in order to find answers to their questions or receive help with simple problems.

It is crucial to make sure that your website and these alternative platforms have resources and solutions available for customers to use in order to facilitate this.

6. Include an FAQ page on-site

An excellent idea that will improve your customer’s experience is to have a FAQ page on-site that callers can be directed to in order to get them on-site and get their questions answered. 

Not only will you be able to increase the number of visitors to your website, but you’ll also be able to offer a tonne of value in the form of knowledge and resources that will facilitate their problem-solving process. 

If you’re starting a blog for your company or brand, a FAQ page is also fantastic. The FAQ page can be used to discuss general responses that point to blog posts with more details and other resources. 

7. Callback Functionality

Offer the customer a callback option or other options for a speedier response to their query while they are on hold and being asked to wait. Particularly if the client is occupied, the wait is lengthy, and they are not prepared to wait on hold.

For instance, if a customer calls to report a problem with a product, the expected wait time to speak with a live agent is 30 minutes. You can include basic troubleshooting advice in your IVR system in place of placing him on hold while listening to a monotonous sound. These will keep him interested, and he will value fundamental assistance.

8. Use a smart IVR system

Choose an IVR Service that intelligently records caller inputs and data if you want to get the most out of it. Your IVR system menu system queries every customer who calls your company to decide where to route the call. 

Input from the caller might be required, for example, their phone number, account number, or email address related to the account. But if the caller is put through to a live agent, it can be annoying for them to have to repeat their account information so the agent can access it. 

Therefore, to improve the customer experience, select an Interactive Voice Response system that automatically records all this data and makes it available to the agent, preventing customers from having to repeat themselves.

9. Offer both keypad and spoken options

Think about including keyboard and voice options in your IVR Service. Customers are given the option to respond using voice commands or numeric keypad inputs, which can be especially helpful for people who speak with pronounced accents or dialects.

All callers will be able to more easily get to their desired endpoint by giving them the choice to switch between the voice menu and the keypad menu.

10. Analytics and Reporting

Although IVR systems can always be integrated with an external business intelligence dashboard, having built-in analytics is helpful. Such a feature provides information on the number of customers the IVR serves, the findings of IVR surveys, and performance indicators like average queue length and IVR system wait time.

When using IVR Service, reporting is especially crucial. To justify the cost of IVR system, businesses can measure the proportion of customers who are able to resolve their problems without speaking to an agent.


The best IVR services as a self-service option might be implemented to improve the customer experience. While the use of IVR system to retrieve call history and preferences can enhance the customer experience, customers may have mixed feelings about it as a form of automation. The work of agents can be made more efficient by streamlining IVR procedures and enhancing customer service. It’s crucial to keep the customer in mind and establish reasonable expectations when choosing an IVR Service provider.


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