Text SMS Alert System Advantages and Disadvantages

Text SMS Alert System

SMS is now a highly effective marketing and communication tool. If brands want to use all of the available channels to reach potential customers, generate conversions, and increase sales, they shouldn’t overlook the powerful resource that is SMS for businesses. 

A message blast is typically more practical than calling. There are two causes for this. One, after an emergency, network congestion frequently occurs, which prevents calls from being answered. Second, texting can help extend a phone’s battery life, which is important in an emergency. Text messaging is typically regarded as the best alert notification system due to these two inherent advantages it has over phone calls. 

What is Alert SMS Service? 

An alert is by definition significant and almost always urgent. We might want to be informed about opportunities, like a flash sale or pop-up event, or about important changes in the world, and event reminders like a company opening new locations or closing down existing ones. Being quickly warned of danger during emergencies helps us remain secure.

An alert must be reliable, timely, and quick to the point in order to be effective. Due to the efficiency and reach of a simple text blast, few other options can compete with SMS alerts, which is why their use has grown over time.

Advantages of Text SMS Alert Services

Of course, SMS  communication technique for businesses is flawless. Making the best decisions about when and how to integrate text alerts into your sms marketing and communications can be aided by being aware of the various SMS alert notification benefits and drawbacks. Compared to other ways of reaching a large audience, SMS alerts have a number of impressive advantages.

Speed. An SMS alert can be sent in a matter of seconds, and the majority of your audience will typically read it in three minutes or less. 

Price. SMS alerts are one of the most economical ways to simultaneously communicate with large numbers of people because they only cost pennies per message.

Wide range. Approximately 15% of people still use older phones without internet access. You can easily and reliably communicate with users of flip phones and smartphones by sending and receiving a message blast, which doesn’t require an internet connection.

Reliability. Rather than losing or forgetting to check their cell phones, people are much more likely to miss radio or television announcements or misplace printed materials like flyers or brochures. In contrast to SMS alerts, which have a 98% chance of being read, even emails are only opened by about two out of every ten recipients.

Efficiency. An SMS alert uses significantly less of a phone’s battery life than a phone call—even an automated one—which can be crucial in an emergency.

Disadvantages of Text SMS Alert Services

Despite the numerous advantages of SMS alert system, the following are some possible drawbacks to be aware of and how to get around them:

Authentication. Since anyone can send a text, readers may be tempted to doubt the authenticity of your messages if, for instance, they fail to save your number after choosing to receive text alerts. By always including a clue as to who your company is when sending an alert, this can be easily avoided.

Cellular tower obstruction. Cell towers can occasionally become overloaded during an emergency due to the massive amount of messages being exchanged back and forth as people attempt to contact loved ones and sources of support. Send crisis alerts as early as you can to reduce delays. If you must send more than one alert, make sure the first one contains all of the crucial details.

Limit on characters. While it is possible to split an SMS Text alert into multiple texts, doing so is not recommended, especially in an emergency. Keep Instant  SMS as brief as possible and save longer explanations for later to avoid annoying customers with multiple notifications or confusing them with multi-part texts received out of order. It’s also important to note that some cutting-edge SMS platforms permit character limits above the typical 160. In an emergency, that extra room might come in very handy. 

The advantages of SMS alerts clearly outweigh the drawbacks, the majority of which can be avoided or at least minimised by adhering to a few straightforward best practices.

Text Alert SMS system in different sectors

Many different businesses have realised the power of messaging to improve customer loyalty and experience. Here are a few sectors that are benefiting from SMS.

SMS in the healthcare industry

SMS is frequently used in the healthcare industry to remind patients about appointments, deliver results of diagnostic tests, and remind them to take their medications. Researchers in Australia who use SMS messages to solicit feedback from those who have recently received vaccinations are another example of this sector using the messaging service.

Food and catering

Ordering food has been completely transformed by SMS messaging.  Hungry Text is a straightforward and user-friendly mobile service that enables diners to place a pre-order via mobile SMS and pick up the order immediately when they arrive at the restaurant. This is another creative way to order food via text. 

Tourism and travel

Unexpected delays or schedule changes are among the worst aspects of travelling. To help with this, travel and tourism businesses are using SMSs to inform customers more frequently. Some airlines provide an SMS notification service for gate changes, delays, and check-in reminders. Late gate changes have caused numerous travellers to miss flights. Missed flights will no longer happen with the help of these messages.

Finance sector

Consider your most recent payment or banking transaction. To complete the transaction, you probably had to enter a two-factor authentication code or a one-time pin. SMS can be used by banks to boost security and enhance customer engagement.

SMS alert services in different fields

Let’s look at a few instances of SMS Push notifications being used in business.

Restaurants – SMS notifications in this market can confirm takeaway orders, table reservations, discounts, and updates.

Sports organizations –

SMS confirmations are helpful for ticket reservations, special offers, fan shop advertising, football transfer news, and rumours — anything that can keep an audience interested.

Transportation services – Companies in this industry use SMS notifications to confirm ticket bookings, notify customers of new destinations that are available, or alert customers to any problems like delays.

Response rate of SMS alerts in India

SMS is a great tool for quickly, securely, and effectively distributing information to the general public. Statistics show that 95% of the time, SMS messages are read, giving organizations and administrations the assurance of immediate, direct contact and the knowledge that all recipients have access to the information they require right away.

The system also offers significant advantages to the citizens themselves, who can enroll by completing a registration form or another similar mechanism. The general public can receive alerts about situations of public interest, be warned of or kept informed about critical situations, and have access to current, accurate information that highlights any potential risks or dangers associated with a given circumstance.


Keeping in mind that texting is the best method of reaching people is crucial when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of Text SMS alert system. The secret to perfecting your plan is understanding the types of messages that work best with this format.

The platform you employ to send text alerts to schools, govt offices, and banks is a further crucial factor. Look for a service that provides practical features like user group segmentation, auto-responders, and unlimited sending. It will be easier to reach the people you need to reach when you need to every time if your text marketing service is more user-friendly, adaptable, and reliable.

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