SMS Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

10 Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Want to choose a bulk SMS service provider and don’t know about the dos and don’ts of SMS marketing? You are at the right place because here we provided 10 dos and don’ts of SMS marketing. Here are pro tips that you can use in your SMS marketing. Just start reading this article and know about the pro tips.

If you’re willing to choose an SMS service provider for your small business, then SMS marketing is best for you. You can start your SMS marketing through the OTP SMS service which is usually provided by the bulk SMS service provider. MSG22 is the bulk SMS service provider that serves OTP SMS service as well. Before choosing any Bulk SMS service provider, you must know the dos and don’ts.


1. Do Keep your SMS Content Short

Short messages do not make it difficult for your audience to read, so always try to keep your message content short and say more in short content whether it is your offers, a special deal, or whatever. Again, just try to keep your message content short with descriptive lines. 

2. Do Include a Clear Call to Action

A call to action is a significant factor in every webpage or message content. Hyperlinks and tabs with a call to action work as reference points, trying to persuade readers on what they should do next. Visitors could find it hard to comprehend how to buy something or join up for a service without a clear call to action.

3. Do Give Customers the Opportunity to Opt-Out

Clients regularly alter their opinions after initially choosing to receive products and services. Be reasonable and give them money as a way to reject the text at the conclusion. You were just not frittering away extra income by choosing to focus on a dead lead because this is acceptable to your corporation as well. Keep your smartphone list fresh for better decisions.

4. Do Track your SMS Campaign Effectiveness

Being capable of tracking your performance is vital when it comes to marketing. Businesses are able to accomplish that because of SMS marketing. Businesses may know exactly how many people have received the message, how many viewed it, and just how many responded and just use SMS tracking.

5. Do Use a Conversational Style with a Personal Touch

The personal touch encourages loyalty and assists in retaining and obtaining customers. When opponents only use digital interactions, adding a personal touch might distinguish you apart from the competitors. Without the need for a human touch, your company will ultimately lose customers.


1. Don’t Text at the Wrong Time

Authentic communication with customers is made possible through SMS marketing. Just under 3 minutes after they are delivered, 90% of something like the communications get read. For this reason, you must send messages at the exact same moment that you would like the receivers to view them and react appropriately. For a walk-in counseling session, sending the message weeks previously may prove to be less advantageous than sending it the day prior.

2. Don’t Include Long Ugly URLs

Don’t forget to shorten it if you want to include a link to a particular article, your YouTube channel, or your business website. In particular, with regard to wasting popular and widely accepted space, a ridiculously long link presents a very untrustworthy appearance and runs the risk of becoming interpreted as spam by the receiver. To help to reduce your URL and preserve cultural text space. 

3. Don’t Miss Out On Introducing Yourself

Given that readers have a very hard time focusing, it’s sensitive to criticism to express the brand name of your company, product, or service as quickly as reasonably possible. Make absolutely sure to clearly and unequivocally identify your organization in the SMS message. One of these is crucial for achieving customer awareness and the best and most efficient understandability of your brand communication.

4. Don’t Use Text-Speak

If only because imagination and character are essential to building an effective and efficient SMS campaign, it’s absolutely prohibited to incorporate the newest SMS terminology, overuse spelling, or use poor spelling or grammatical mistakes. It attempts to portray a lack of self-awareness, and the person on the receiving end can take your message irresponsibly.

5. Don’t Keep your Conversation One-Sided

Make sure your messaging is not one-sided because there isn’t any reference in messaging only a side. Invite your existing customers to approach you. To receive SMS, customers can use dual VMNS, long codes, and shortcodes.

 You can send research studies for any of them to create a full or ask family members to respond to a message to receive a special offer. This gives us a chance to enlarge your opt-in database.

Hope, that you understood the important dos and don’ts. Now, you must know about a bulk SMS service provider named MSG22, which provides you with many facilities regarding SMS marketing.

MSG22 also provides its customers with an OTP SMS service, which is widely used. If you are also an owner of a small business and making the decision of selecting an OTP SMS service, then you must choose MSG22 as your bulk SMS service provider. MSG22 provides its service in Ahemdabad, for those who are bothered by searching bulk SMS Ahemdabad services.


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